So I don’t have time to update properly tonight, it’s been a crazy organising couple of days and I’m exhausted! I’m hoping to have a writing spree tomorrow after what is likely to be a very stressful morning getting a keitai (phone) sorted!
For now, I leave you with these meeetcha kawaii Totoro stamps that I got today from the Ghibli store to use at school…

photo (9)

And for a bonus, below is a recording of the frogs having a party in the rice paddies by my apartment. I recorded them on my way home past the paddies, but they are just as loud if I’m on the balcony and only slightly muffled inside!

It’s actually quite soothing, like a track on a CD called something like: Ultimate Relaxation or Soothing Sounds of Nature…maybe I should make more recordings and sell them! Anyone? Ultimate Frog Relaxation?


I took an alternate route back tonight (I wasn’t lost…!), but the frogs led me home! Guardian frogs???

Catch you all soon!