End of an Era

*Warning: Emotional-ness. Apologies in advance*

The very observant (stalker-y) of you may have noticed, but most of you won’t have because it’s all been very quiet.

Before I left for Japan, Tiz and I decided that the healthiest thing for us to do at this point was to call it a day on our relationship. With our lives at such an uncertain point, not knowing the directions we will head in, we didn’t want to ruin our friendship by trying to struggle through more years of long-distance frustration.

Long-distance relationships are super hard guys. We both worked so hard to make it good, and we had really amazing times because of it. But with things so uncertain this coming year and beyond, we both recognised the strain it would put us under, and the outcome that would likely have.

I want to be clear. For almost 3 years Tiz has been my closest friend and confidant, he has made me laugh, pushed me to be a better person, to challenge myself. He welcomed me into his family, and I had the most incredible times with them. With them I had older siblings and extra parents that I still care about deeply. I can’t properly put into words how much I value that.

Yes, sometimes things were hard because we are young and inexperienced and trying to work out our futures, and long-distance is a bitch. But I am so, so glad that we had that time.

Saying goodbye when I left was incredibly, incredibly sad. But we were able to be sad in a sharp, clear way that wasn’t darkened by the dread of upcoming strain.
We remain close and supportive of each other, and it is so important to me that I still have him as my friend.

If you made it this far, apologies for the sob-fest, I will proceed to write some more passive-aggressive Brit in Japan nonsense (probably about food) soon.

Also this:
M: “Lets change it to ‘it’s complicated’!”
T: “Absolutely not.”