So I’m back from my unplanned hiatus, where I sort of (definitely) promised several times I would update then didn’t…apologies! I realise that my posts so far give no indication of what my life is currently like (unless you follow my Instagram, and then basically what you know is: there is food). I shall now commence to remedy the situation. There is a high probability that this may also turn out to be an overly-optimistic promise. If so…sorry again!

So the next bits I will be posting will be backdated, and I’ll try not to be too disorganised in what I’m writing, but there’s that over-optimism again.

For now, a current update is that the cicadas have hatched here, and its lovely and awful at the same time. Lovely because its a sound I feel nostalgic about, although not what the nostalgia is for. Awful because it is also a sound on the extreme end of irritating in large doses.
I am profoundly glad I don’t live in the house I pass on my walk to work, with the tree in the garden emitting this sound…