Turning Back the Time

Going back, I’m going to work from my post about moving to purin heaven! (Goodness I miss being so close to the purin!)

I didn’t meet the other trainee until the next morning (Monday 6th June). He only arrived late that night, after a horrendous travel experience. His first flight had been delayed, meaning a 6 hour stopover in China turned into a 5 minute sprint to the gate to catch his connecting flight to Tokyo.
Can you guess what couldn’t run as fast as he could to the connecting flight? You got it: his luggage.
This human being has possibly the worst luck I have ever heard of (sorry Tom if you’re reading, but at least it means your ability to sarcasm is now on point!)

Future Interac-er’s (and all travellers really), take from this these two important lessons:
1) Always arrive earlier than needed (e.g. for training/a job) in a country when you’re going to be jetlagged af!
2) Always bring the essentials in a carry on!

As he wasn’t around in the evening, I popped a note under his door (it wasn’t creepy guys, okay!) to let him know what time I’d be leaving in the morning so we could head to the office together – and it worked! A victory for pens and paper.

I had assumed that there would be other trainees staying at a different hotel, but as it turned out it was just the two of us. This made for a very intensive and overwhelming four days of training, mixed with a drug screening (at the office) and a chest X-ray (to make sure we didn’t have TB – we were taken to a clinic by an Interac staff member).

Little did we know what a stress rollercoaster that week would turn out to be…!

[Aside: Apologies if I go into seemingly unnecessary detail about some things, generally they will be about the company/work, targeting any future Interac employees wondering about this process. I struggled to get info from Interac about what the situation would be once I got here, so I’m hoping to fill some of the gaps!]