The Move: Part 1

The journey began on Weds 25th May, when I made all my last minute preparations and caught the train to fly from Gatwick to Amsterdam.
Mum and I started the morning picking up the final few things: yen, an adapter (which has since gone missing) and work shoes (which I now find I won’t need – to be explained).

Everyone seemed to have decided that today was the day to move slowly in front of me, or be an infuriatingly indecisive driver – a theme that continued at the airport. I am always unpleasantly surprised by the number of people blithely unaware of their surroundings in airports (their surroundings being me + two super heavy bags – cue tuts, eye rolls and the great British ‘thinning of the lips’).

So, after going to the wrong terminal, everything else went smoothly. I powered through customs and had cause to glare at a number of people.
With two hours to wait I was forced to settle in to have a cup of piss coffee at Starbucks, and as I found my seat in the window, was met with the sight of a dead bird on the opposite roof. An ill omen if ever I saw one. Luckily nothing could put me off my coffee even more than the coffee itself.

I made it to the gate with plenty of time to turn around and go back to Starbucks to get my coat, and get back again with plenty of time.
I was wholly unsurprised by the 25 minute wait on the runway, but pleasantly surprised by the nice Canadian-studying-in-the-UK couple that were sat next to me. I imagine they were surprised by my inability to stop talking about all the food in Amsterdam the entire flight.