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Meg | 26 | British | Archaeology masters graduate | Freelance proofreader/copy-editor

Owner of many bits and bobs that will look so cute in the future house that I will never own.

I love travel even though I have zero internal mapping skills, which means I get lost…a lot. This not necessarily a bad thing.

I spend all of my money that I don’t have on travel, food, and coffee.

I started this blog when I moved to Nagoya, Japan, to teach English as an Interac ALT to elementary school students. The purpose then was to document my life in Japan – as an ALT English Teacher and as a foreign resident – which ended up being a lot of posts about what a terrible role model I am, with some political ranting thrown in (as it was 2016).

I first began blogging to practice my writing, in an overly-optimistic attempt to try and motivate myself to do it more regularly. This has failed multiple times. (Although I have posted here more than my last blog, so perhaps I’m working up to The Blog I Actually Post On Regularly.)
I’m now attempting to morph this one into a general travel and culture blog. If I can organise myself. And motivate myself. (So, let’s be real, probably not.)

A lot of my posts going forward (if they ever come to be) will revolve around mainly culture, food and coffee (and if I’m feeling super adventurous, perhaps even tea), some of my odder and/or more wonderful experiences when travelling, as well as recommendations. So if you’re miserable and despise sarcasm and disgustingly enthusiastic people, this probably isn’t for you.

Photos and mini-blog posts on my Instagram @meginengland (link in the footer).
Flickr page for film photos will also go up eventually! (maybe give it a few years, idk)

Thanks for sticking with me!

Meg x