Good Days

There are some days when teaching elementary here is a struggle, like most jobs really. It can be hard to be motivated for the day, students can be difficult, lunch can sometimes be superbly unappealing…the list goes on. There are so many factors making the difference between a bad, mediocre or good day.

Today was a good day.

My sixth grade students did great presentations, didn’t act up (much), and asked good questions after class (which isn’t very common); I managed to avoid having to eat what appeared to be a veritable slab of konnyaku at lunch, the rest of which was delicious; and even though I was pulled out of my free period, it was into a first grade class to help with making pop-up Christmas cards and act as a human Christmas jukebox – which I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s hard to not have a good time when you’re surrounded by tiny humans that go ape shit over a little paper-cube present and act like you are the best thing since PPAP.
I found myself easily happy, with a lot of things giving me reasons to smile.

Often, small as it sounds, just having a student call out to me is spirit-lifting. There is something about having “Megan-sensei!!” invariably shouted enthusiastically at me that makes me feel kind of glowy (even if I know I’m not quite a real sensei).

This is a fairly self-indulgent post, but it’s not often that I catch myself in the moment when I’m happy amidst busy-ness and consciously stop to appreciate it.

Walking out of school today into winter cold air and bright sunshine, I was able to wrap that happiness around me and enjoy it. To top it off I got out of school bang on time and managed to catch the express home. With extra time in the evening I’m on course for an intensive gyoza-making session. The blog is named this way for a reason!

((P.S. Look at this, a post about a day on the day itself *gasp*! Watch this space, I’m improving! ))


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