Non-Apology of a Terrible Role Model

I’ve apologised a few times for not updating regularly, so I’ve found a solution. I’m going to try and do more regular little snippet posts in-between my longer ones from now on. So, to start:

MS2: The other day I was assigned to eat lunch with the 1st graders. We were given sweet potato mochi (pictured) for dessert (a strange combo, but surprisingly not unpleasant). The thing about mochi is that you have to chew it for ages before you can swallow it, it’s a bit like some chewy sweets that you aren’t quite sure if they’re sweets or gum.

And so…I convinced the kid sat opposite me to eat the whole thing in one. She did.

It was way too much for her tiny face and she looked like an upset hamster for a concerning amount of time while she attempted to chew it.

I felt bad, but was also really proud that she accepted the challenge. I am a terrible adult.


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