Belated Birthday

Five months after the fact, my 25th birthday fell on my second week here (I have so many drafted posts and I am finally working through them, sorry!). Being a school day (a first-day-at-that-school day) and a long one, it didn’t feel much like a birthday – although that is probably more to do with how much less exciting birthdays are as an adult in general. The unfamiliarity of everything meant that I was still in a state of slight surreality, so wrapping my head around the fact that I am just that much closer to 30 wasn’t going to happen.
Coincidentally the only other birthday I’ve had abroad was also in Japan, when I turned 19. Farewell my youth!

C-san used the birthday thing to endear me more to the school, getting me to play up the cutesy-ness to endear me to teachers (which was really gross and I still haven’t forgiven him), and telling them how “happy” I was to be at that school for my birthday.
I was just relieved no one sang. Alas, the next day we were teaching dates and birthdays and I’m sure you can guess how that turned out (really still haven’t forgiven him).

That evening Mai, Nelson and I set the precedent of many meals to come by checking out an Indian restaurant (that I unfortunately can’t remember the name of, but will update when I can find out). The naans here are out of this world. Who knew?


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