Whirlwind Move

I just realised that I skipped ahead by a day, so going back to the day before I met everyone…

The Friday of training week was moving in and admin day. This meant flying between places trying to set up all of the official bits and pieces, as well as getting the essentials. One of the OL’s, E-san, picked me and my 100000001kg of luggage up from the hotel and we set out on our adventure of organisation (my speciality…).

Stop 1. Picked up my apartment keys from the Leo Palace office.

Stop 2. On to the ward office to register as a resident, arrange my health insurance and apply for pension exemption.

Stop 3. Post office bank to set up my Japanese bank account, for which I had to fill in forms in my toddler-kanji (don’t panic, I literally copied it from my residents card, for some reason the bank wouldn’t let E-san fill it out for me, which would have been 100x faster and neater. Most people I’ve spoken to didn’t have to do this). I was given my bank book and set up a pin for a card – to be delivered later – joy, another number to remember!

Stop 4. Shopping in Nitori, a well-priced chain household goods store. The Leo Palace apartments are very basically furnished, so this trip included:

  • Kitchenware (I had already picked up some crockery in a ¥100 store which are wonderful and will merit a post to themselves at some point!)
  • A futon (get a thick one or better yet get two) and sheets etc.
  • …I just realised how many things I actually had to get so I will do a checklist post soon!

The last stop was to sort out a phone. I won’t go into this now as it really necessitates a whole post. The bottom line is that I didn’t get one that day. I did get a router, which I paid far too much for. Leo Palace has its own Wi-Fi network, but you need your own router or internet cable to use it.

I was very happy to get back to the apartment and start planning how to decorate it instead of getting a good night’s rest before Saturday’s training!


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