I managed to keep myself awake long enough to grab some food at the hostel, bungle a lot of Japanese trying to ask if I could borrow an adaptor (remember, mine lost itself…), and apologise ashamedly as the manager nearly killed himself trying to get my suitcase up to the fourth floor (“Old building” he explained “No lift”). I hope he recovers.

Not very much got done that day. Apart from a lot of staring around, confused, thinking…wait, how did I get here again? Hang on. I’m in Japan. How did that happen? I’m in Japan? Like, I’ve moved here. Ok. Lets process that. Lots of blank staring.

Then I opted to just eat loads of Pocky and purin and arrange my tickets in an artistic way. Worked a charm.

photo (1)

Then I tried to get out of bed, misjudged the distance, and now have a stunner of a bruise on my left butt cheek. Excuse me if I don’t include a photo of that.

My day (early evening) began with a much needed shower – the first in 40 odd hours + sweat-blob-person weather + 1000000kg suitcase and duffel bag. Yum. (I was just too tired to attempt to rent a towel the night before).

Sweating again the instant I left the hostel’s air-conditioned bliss, I struck out to source my own adapter and stumbled into a sort of discount electronics store, where an overeager (but very nice) salesman struggled to understand my toddler-at-best Japanese. After leading me around most of the five floors of the shop and involving a lot of other staff members, I finally got the idea across and the adaptor was found. Huzzah!

I then had a similar task trying to find a moisturiser, ending up resorting to: *points at bottle then at face*
“For face?”
[Japanese salesman, seriously]
“Only for face.”
(Turns out it was a terrible moisturiser after all that).


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