The Move to Japan: Prologue

Finally got this off the ground! For those who know me and are reading to keep up with what I’m doing – thank you! For those that are reading because they are looking at doing a similar thing – I hope this helps and feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions/want more info about certain things.

So! I’ve moved to Japan, finally, after years of knowing it would happen eventually. I’ll be here for the year, teaching English as an Assistant Language Teacher (I will post more about the application process etc. soon and add the link here for anyone considering it).

I am working for a private ALT company called Interac, which means that I am able to work in Elementary – High schools, as opposed to language schools (again, I will post about the differences/pros and cons of these soon and link it here). I will be working in multiple schools in…an area yet to be confirmed *rants about rather traumatic application process*.

So, because it is ridiculously cheaper to fly with EasyJet from Gatwick – Amsterdam (to visit Tiz for a week) then get a BA/JAL flight to Nagoya (via Heathrow and Tokyo), it’s going to be a long process. A process I intend to document using the British favourites: tuts and eye rolls. And the occasional small cough.

Warning for following posts: overwhelming amounts of passive aggressive prose.


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  1. Vaibhav says:

    Archaeologist? Excellent. I look forward to your adventures! 🙂


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